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altMark Gavin and Lucy Archer of Hudson Gavin Martin give expert advice on labelling, selling and using GM products.

Genetic modification (GM), also known as genetic engineering (GE), is, and will most likely remain, a topic that stirs public controversy. While competing views are mostly based around its desirability and safety as a concept, there is also a strong divergence regarding the regulations which stipulate how genetically modified foods are to be labelled to address consumer concerns. Labelling is after all the most important advertising tool for food producers, as well as the only source of product information for consumers at point of sale.

Competing for the best

How good are you at your job?

How many positions have you applied for in the last 12 months?

You are great at your job right… and the chances are you have not applied for one job in the last 12 months. You are happy where you are and work for an employer who recognises the talent you bring and is using good retention tools to keep you there. And you are busy too; since the GFC, structures have shrunk and so your job is likely to have expanded in recent years. When would you have time to look at advertised jobs?

Discount, online and convenience is key


“The era of the big supermarket is coming to an end,” boldly claimed Charles Wilson recently. As the chief executive of Booker, a large British food wholesaler, Wilson is a keen observer of and participant in the highly competitive retail grocery market in the United Kingdom. He argued that “after 60 years of supermarket and hypermarket expansion, the growth has now switched to discount, convenience and online.”

Tamara’s Thoughts: Getting Freekeh for good health

More than 60% of New Zealand adults are overweight, with obesity costing the country about $850 million a year in healthcare and lost productivity. It’s estimated that by 2021 diabetes will be costing the economy more than $1 billion a year. That’s definitely not good news.

However, the answer to our struggle with certain health issues could be growing in our backyard, lurking in our fridge or sitting in our pantry. The results of a recently published study reveal that blueberries could play a significant role in helping to manage weight and prevent the onset of Type 2 diabetes. The findings show that blueberries can potentially reduce hyperglycaemia, weight gain and cholesterol levels.


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Cool convenience

Fresh flavours, healthy ingredients and convenience are the key drivers in the frozen foods category, ...

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  • A growing category

    FMCG talked to some of the key suppliers in the NZ juice and beverage market about the latest trends. Barker’s of Geraldine manufactures a wide range of fruit syrups still made on a corner of the family farm in South Canterbury. The range includes a number of premium squeezed syrups, not made from concentrate with the fruit pressed and processed on site in Geraldine. “The Barker’s range performed with exceptional strength boasting growth of 24% and becoming the #1 fruit syrup in TKA

  • Health & Beauty

    Are you ready for summer? Sunscreens and depilatory products will be in hot demand as the days get longer and warmer.Last year saw the launch on the Surf Life Saving 50+ Sunscreen, which was very well received by both the trade and consumers. Its fragrance free formulation is moisturising, light and non-greasy and will rub in very easily without leaving any white film on the skin.Kate Feek, senior brand manager says: “It is a concise range, offering a SPF 50+ UVA/UVB broad spectrum formulation i

  • International flavours

    What’s on trend in ethnic flavours and the international foods aisle? FMCG talks to some of the suppliers in this category.With a large number of new ethnic restaurants offering diners a more authentic experience and new flavours, consumers are becoming more experimental. And Mexican food seems to be one of the most popular new trends.Keezia Haste, senior brand manager, General Mills, comments: “What we now need to do is ensure that we capitalise on this trend in store and ensure we bring Mexica

  • Thirst quenchers

    Bottled water and sports drinks are increasing in popularity. FMCG took a snapshot of this growing category.The sports drink category was created in 1965 by scientists working for the Florida Gators football team.The Gators were suffering in Florida’s hot and humid conditions and needed more than water to replenish their bodies and receive energy. So these scientists developed the first sports drink based on water, carbohydrates and electrolytes. ‘Gatorade’ was tested on the players. The Gators

  • A saucy affair

    Exciting new sauces and condiments now mingle with iconic family favourites on our shelves. FMCG took a snapshot of the trends that drive this category.Pasta sauces still dominate the cooking sauce market, but shoppers are increasingly embracing international and ethnic sauces. Convenience is paramount, but consumers want restaurant quality flavour, say Melanie Taylor – marketing manager Dressings & Table Sauces and Jo Coutts – marketing manager Cooking Sauces at Heinz Wattie’s. “In table sauces

  • Winter warmers

    FMCG visited a popular aisle: Tea, coffee and hot beverages.Dilmah is relaunching its ‘Gourmet range’ of teas in New Zealand with new contemporary packaging to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

  • Best tressed

    New hair care products offer nourishment and a range of styling options. To find out what’s trending, FMCG talked to some of the key suppliers in New Zealand.

  • Sweet essentials

    Breakfast spreads, jams and honey remain popular with New Zealand consumers. FMCG investigated new developments and family favourites in the spreads aisle.New Zealand-based Barker’s produces both the Anathoth and Barker’s of Geraldine range of jams, marmalades and curds.THE BREAKDOWN Current MAT to 24 March 2013 Total Spreads:  $131.626mValue % Chg vs YA 1.9T. Honey:  $35.715mValue % Chg vs YA 4.0T. Jam:  $29.410mValue % Chg vs YA -1.4T. Peanut Butter:  $28.060mValue % Chg vs YA 11.6T. Vegetable

  • Rice & Pasta

    FMCG finds a few tasty new product launches on the horizon.There is no doubt that rice, noodles and pasta are very popular staple foods, not only in New Zealand, but in many countries all over the world.THE BREAKDOWN Current MAT to 24 March 2013 Total Rice:  $50.562mValue % Chg vs YA -2.1T. Instant:  $14.829mValue % Chg vs YA -5.4T. Basmati:  $8.791mValue % Chg vs YA 2.4T. Medium/Short:  $8.211mValue % Chg vs YA -2.1T. Long Grain:  $7.505mValue % Chg vs YA -12.4T. Jasmine:  $4.909mValue % Chg vs

  • Popular oils & spreads

    FMCG talked to suppliers in New Zealand about new product launches and the latest consumer trends.Oils and spreads are essential items for New Zealand shoppers. Many prefer to have a variety of oils for different recipes and cooking occasions on hand, with olive oils and rice bran oils increasing in popularity.THE BREAKDOWN Current MAT to 24 March 2013 Total Butter and Margarine:  $198.188mValue % Chg vs YA -12.0T. Butter:  $92.232mValue % Chg vs YA -14.6T. Margarine (Excl Olive):  $68.473mValue

  • Energy drinks

    Refreshment, innovation and premiumisation are among the key drivers in a category that continues to grow.

  • Soup season

    THE BREAKDOWN Current MAT to 24 February 2013Total Shelf Stable Soup:    $61.876mValue % Chg vs YA -1.5T. Canned Soup:    $25.505mValue % Chg vs YA -2.6T. Instant Soup:    $19.486mValue % Chg vs YA 3.3T. Packet Soup:    $10.478mValue % Chg vs YA -8.6T. Cereal Soup:    $4.083mValue % Chg vs YA -2.1T. Soup Mix & Pulses:    $2.325mValue % Chg vs YA 6.9T. Fresh Soup:    $14.345mValue % Chg vs YA 6.5 *Nielsen New Zealand ScanTrack (Databank Key suppliers in the soup category share their product news

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Superb vintage

A Marlborough-based winery known for producing the best Sauvignon Blanc in the world has been ...

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  • Brancott Vineyard celebrates 40th anniversary

    As the pioneers of the Marlborough wine region and its signature varietals  Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, Brancott Estate is excited to celebrate 40 years since the first planting of vines at Brancott Vineyard, home of world-renowned Brancott Estate wines.

  • Cola flavoured wine?

    Euromonitor’s monthly summary highlights the most interesting product launches, focusing on the direction the alcoholic drinks industry is taking in terms of innovative developments.First, a French revolution: Cola flavoured wine.One of the most infamous oxymorons plaguing the wine industry is the apparent gap between perceptions, research and actual purchasing patterns, especially when it comes down to the dry-to-sweet flavour spectrum.

  • Independent Liquor set to acquire The Mill

    Independent Liquor is investing in the off-premise market with an agreement to purchase The Mill, a chain of 35 liquor stores nationwide. Julian Davidson, CEO Independent Liquor, says the purchase is a good business decision that gives the company greater access to the market while also benefitting customers by ensuring they get more choice of products from different producers.

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Tip Top goes natural

Tip Top has announced one of its most significant innovations in the company’s history – ...

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  • NZ lolly maker on a roll

    Kiwi-owned Rainbow Confectionery has expanded its production capacity with the purchase of Metford Confectionery (formerly known as Prydes and Australian Sweets) in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

  • Theft prevention: A practical guide to the best use of security cameras

    It is a sad fact of life that shoplifting costs stores millions of dollars every year. Reports suggest that stealing is becoming more common as the economy remains tight. One of the key defences against theft and a critical aid in prosecuting thieves is a security camera system. However, it is important that the security camera system is well thought out and correctly set up.

  • A fresh perspective

    Jeff Rogut, executive director AACS reports his findings from an overseas study tour.

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